Parsons students honor Veterans!
Hillary Hess

On Thursday, February 15, 2018, a group of Parsons students, led by teacher Chris Kelly, spent the morning honoring veterans from the United States Armed Forces. They produced a play, sang the "Preamble to the Constitution" & "God Bless the USA," spoke words of thanks, served breakfast and spent time talking to veterans. What an honor it was to see our youth celebrating these men and women who served our country.

Show Choir celebrates 40th Anniversary
Hillary Hess

Our advanced show choir, Music in Motion, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Over the past 40 years, M&Ms has traveled and competed in Reno, Southern Oregon and yearly in Anaheim. They are consistently awarded Silver and Gold Awards at the WorldStrides OnStage festival. For more information, please visit the Parsons Vocal Music Department website


STEAM students constructing dams and waterways.
Tony Moebes

After months of planning, preparation, and work we are happy to invite students into our brand new STEAM Lab at Parsons. Students will have access to a laboratory type of environment where they can conduct experiments and simulations in a controlled environment. Students will be given real-world problems that they will need to design solutions for and then build. We will also be connecting what we do in the STEAM Lab to real-world careers and opportunities beyond high school.

In the STEAM Lab students will have access to 6 design stations, each with a rolling whiteboard table, 6 stools, and a computer connected to a 40” Television mounted to the wall. This is where students will be designing their projects in different 3D design softwares. Once students have completed their designs they will move to the construction side of the room where they will bring them to life using many different tools and materials. If they cannot find a specific material that they need for their project then they can use one of the 3 Makerbot Replicator+ 3D printers that we have to make the part. The students at Parsons are thrilled to be a part of the new STEAM Lab.

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