Bus Transportation

Our Governing Board policy allows for transporting students to and from school based on the following:

Students in grades Distance from school
K-3 more than 3/4 mile
4-6 more than 1 mile
7-8 more than 1 1/2 miles

Due to our concern for the safety of your child, we do not publish our bus route information. Please contact your child's school for more information about transportation.

Each bus is equipped with emergency exits and first aid kits. Cameras are positioned at the front of each bus in order to help maintain a safe and orderly environment. Please note: A strict bus discipline policy is followed. Good behavior is expected on the bus at all times, just like at school, and school consequences may be given for poor behavior while riding the bus. Bus drivers, our Director of Transportation, and any Parsons administrator may give suspensios from the bus for poor behavior. This is to ensure that your student has a safe ride to and from school. The same rules apply for our field trips.