Click here for LOTS of Summer Activities for Kids!
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Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Be ready for "I'm bored!"
It's summer break - day 1. How long will it be until you hear these famous words: "I'm bored." Be ready for that phrase by visiting these amazing resource sites. There are math games, skill builders, videos of science experiments, story-builders, and even a virtual piano for all grade levels  and subjects - even calculus!
As always, the District has previewed these sites at the time this article was launched, but content can change quickly on the Internet, so parents, please monitor your child's activities on the computer.
The Edutopia website has a list of 48 summer websites for kids and teachers! There are links to amazing places where kids (and parents) can exercise those brain cells to keep and expand learning. 
The MathTV website (pictured above) features math topics from basic math to calculus. Once a topic is selected, a series of math problems appears and a video box on the right. Choose what equation you want to work on and which "teacher" you want to watch solve it. They will walk you through it, step by step!
100 Coolest Science Experiments on YouTube contain great informative videos on how things work. The picture above is from a video about liquid light. Just how DO those glow sticks work? This site will provide your kids a lot of science information!
The IXL site lists topics by grade level, and encompasses math and language arts skill builders for grades 2 through 10. Learn or refresh skills about adverbs and adjectives, prefixes, conjunctions, homophones, or the determinant of a matrix! There is just SO much content here!
Use the website to take learning outside with a host of ideas on how to estimate time and distance by learning map skills and navigating road signs or use their Grocery Game to make a grocery list and shop together, use coupons, develop a budget, and estimate the cost.
Piano lessons, anyone? Try your skills using this virtual piano website! 
Here's a list of websites to give you (and them) some great ideas and activities for this summer! Enjoy!
Enjoy your summer! We'll see you on August 17th for the first day of school!